The Vampire Diaries

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 10. The Turning Point

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Miss Salvatore
Baby Vampire
Baby Vampire

Broj poruka : 59
Datum upisa : 30.01.2010
Godina : 28
Lokacija : Mystic Falls

PočaljiNaslov: 10. The Turning Point   Sub Jan 30, 2010 1:54 pm

Jeremy decides to return to his hobby of sketching fantasy creatures, that he had stopped upon the death of his parents. Logan attacks and kills several people throughout the town. Matt and Caroline continue to hang out together. He tells Tyler that he likes hanging out with Caroline. Sheriff Forbes tells Damon of a new recent attack, and he discovers Logan doesn't know who turned him. Alaric helps with a small dispute among Jeremy, Tyler and Mayor Lockwood. Logan kidnaps Caroline after a dispute with the sheriff, but Stefan and Damon save her. Logan tells Damon he knows of another way to resurrect Katherine. Elena tells Stefan that she loves him and he decides to stay in Mystic Falls. Stefan and Elena then have sex. But when Stefan goes to get a drink for Elena, she discovers the photo of Katherine and leaves his house abruptly, leaving her vervain necklace behind with the photo. Alaric confronts Logan and tells him to leave Jenna alone. Logan tries to attack him, but gets staked and dies. Elena is involved in a car crash while trying to avoid a man in the middle of the road, but the person just gets back up and snaps all his bones into place. The last shot is of the stranger approaching the car and Elena screaming.
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10. The Turning Point
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